As a business executive, you care for your employees and want the best for them and their families in every respect. For many employees – especially for those working abroad – secure access to qualified healthcare professionals is mandatory and vital. VERA Health and Education can be a great asset to your business organization.

Our teams of accredited physicians, therapists, and nurses are available to diagnose and provide treatment plans for your employees – no matter their geographical location or their cultural background. VERA Health and Education’s cloud-based medical platform allows them to connect in their own language with the specialist or health provider of their choice, through secure video. Your employees don’t have to rely on local healthcare providers, which can vary greatly in quality. Now they can contact the VERA Health and Education and have access to a professional of their choice in their own language – quickly, securely and reliably.


Virtual Medicine for Businesses

Health is an all-in proposal, meaning every aspect of society – political business, educational, infrastructure, law, social, etc. – will need to think about putting health in every decision made. Far beyond the concept of safety and in to the realm of lifestyle and health promotion.

Richard VisserCEO