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Virtual Hospital & Clinic

Each country has a unique health care sector which means different circumstances, structures, and regulations.

Virtual medicine solutions are increasingly vital in a world where doctors are in short supply, costs are on the rise, and communities lack access to care. Hospitals, research centers and physician clinics can visually connect their patients with healthcare professionals for everything from routine checkups, home health services and co-consults to stroke assessments and surgical consults.

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Medical Services

VERA Health and Education’s global team is available to inform, coach, diagnose, monitor, and even provide treatment to patients no matter their geographical location. VERA Health and Education is a European company dedicated to giving patients access to innovative healthcare solutions worldwide. Transforming the world of healthcare, VERA Health and Education’s cloud-based virtual medical platform makes it possible for patients, healthcare professionals and plan administrators to collaborate seamlessly and securely collect and share clinical data from patient medical records, lab results and in-home biometric devices for real-time risk assessments, wellness advice, genetic testing, diagnosis, and treatment.

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After Care, Monitoring & Robotics

VERA Health and Education’s unique two-way audio-video communications, combined with remote controlled mobility, enables nurses, doctors, and social workers to check on patients without having to be physically present. 

Helping to improve the quality of care most healthcare workers these days could require more time than they currently have available to treat, advise, monitor, and comfort their patients. Now VERA Health and Education can help. Our devices are used by nurses and doctors to monitor patients when they can’t be in the room with them.

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Home Care & Self Care


VERA Health and Education’s mobile devices can monitor medical health by using a wireless secure communication technology. Until recently, these devices would only be available in a hospital setting. We now live in an age where patients can be provided with the care they need in the comfort of their own home, due to the digital presence of doctors and nurses. We now have access to devices which can quickly and efficiently measure information about our body and send this information directly to our physician.

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Co-Consults & Second Opinion

Imagine being able to source any specialist on demand, minus the overhead of the team, equipment training, and continuous patient flow to justify having that luxury. 

With VERA Health and Education’s specialists on demand you can order up a top specialist in any field for co-consults with your in house doctor, ask for a second opinion service or a direct consult with your patient. Your patients contemplating traveling to a University Hospital, bring the Hospital to them without the expense and inconvenience. Furthermore, when faced with complex medical challenges and treatment options, a medical second opinion is helpful and often required.

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Pharmaceutical Management


VERA Health and Education can facilitate pharmaceutical distribution with a focus on supply chain efficiencies, operational excellence and patient safety. VERA Health and Education supplies branded, generic, and over-the-counter pharmaceutical drugs to customers including retail pharmacies. Using electronic order processing, computerized merchandising, and asset management tools, VERA Health and Education can expedite safe, efficient, and cost-effective distribution of medicines.

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Genetics Overview

Our genes hold vital information on the internal workings of our body, which we can uncover with the help of a simple test.

It has been a costly enterprise to determine the composition of our genes in the past. However, recent advances with the assistance of global studies, specialized in the clarification of the relation between genetics and diseases, have made the uncovering of a genetic profile feasible for everybody.

A genetic profile can be the crucial element to ensure a healthy lifestyle. Our reports come with lifestyle advices tailored to the specific outcomes of the tests.
All information is kept strictly confidential.

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Cardiovascular Genetics

Current risk functions evaluate physiological and biochemical characteristics which can only be identified once they appear without considering other potential factors such as the patients genetic constitution. In this respect the use of genetic profiling may provide relevant, additional, and personalized information for the risks functions used today, thereby enabling cardiovascular risks to be identified in a more precise manner.

A genetic test studies and integrates information regarding a patients genetic and clinical factors and lifestyle to determine their cardiovascular risks more precisely and specifically in the long term. This helps physicians establish the most appropriate preventive measures or treatments for each patient.

Personalized genetic counseling can be provided by a team of experts, during which genetic information being integrated with clinical information, taking into consideration the lifestyle of the patients.

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Cancer Genetics

Today we know more about the complexity of cancer than ever before. Cancers have long been categorized and treated depending on where they are found in the body and how aggressive they appear. We also know that cancers are more accurately categorized by underlying alterations in the DNA that drive their growth.

As we understand more about these underlying alterations, traditional cytotoxic treatments are rapidly been replaced by less toxic and potentially more effective therapies that specifically target these changes in the DNA. Test results are provided in a user-friendly report that highlights the genomic alterations that are relevant to the individual patient and provides information about targeted therapies and clinical trials.

We will provide a fully informative genomic profile that helps physicians make treatment decisions for patients with cancer via identifying the molecular growth drivers and assisting the oncologist to match this with his therapeutic options.

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Genetic Testing for Obesity

Genetic tests study a person’s predisposition to obesity and its related disorders, such as dyslipidaemia. They also provide information on their individual response to interventions aimed at reducing obesity and reveal genetically-determined nutritional needs. This information enables physicians to make recommendations and take more effective steps to control obesity and prevent the development of related diseases.

Be aware of the existence of genetic variants that intervene in regulating body weight. Know the causes of obesity or the predisposition to becoming obese. Know the response to certain interventions like dieting and exercise. Be aware of the existence of genetic variants that intervene in the development of related diseases.

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