At VH&E we realize that traveling abroad can be both exciting and disconcerting for your clients. Anything can happen while they are away from home – whether on business or vacation.

It’s important that they feel secure and prepared for any unexpected illness, injury, or simply lost medication. Most insurance plans are not designed with the international traveler in mind.

This is where VH&E can help. Our teams of accredited physicians, therapists, and nurses are available to diagnose and provide treatment to patients all over the world, no matter their geographical location or their cultural background. VERA Health and Education’s cloud-based medical platform allows patients to connect in their own language with the specialist or health provider they wish through secure video calls where ever they are. We are dedicated to giving patients access to innovative healthcare solutions worldwide.


Virtual Medicine for Travel

We live in times of great innovation, with exponential technological development and never before seen global connectivity. This revolution is redefining every aspect of our lives, no matter our socio economic background and geographical location. We are converging these technologies to bring you the future of healthcare.

Richard VisserCEO